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ODYSSEY Engagement Ring - Freeform Grey Spinel

ODYSSEY Engagement Ring - Freeform Grey Spinel

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The newest addition to our one-of-a-kind engagement rings collection - Odyssey. With a fusion of timeless grace, a touch of avant-garde personality and sense of charisma, this ring is an ode to the spirit of individuality.

At its core lies a radiant freeform cut grey spinel (SI, 0.69ct, 5.96mm x 4.34mm), evoking the mystique of an enchanting odyssey. The mysterious grey tone of the spinel, reminiscent of a celestial eclipse, reflects a refined taste for the unconventional—a choice that resonates with the bride seeking a ring as distinctive as herself. Set within a bezel setting, the spinel commands attention, exuding an aura of regal sophistication.

The center grey spinel is asymmetrically accented by bright white moissanites (D-F, VVS), ethically sourced, in variances of 2mm, 2.3mm and 3mm. 

The 1.2mm band, meticulously formed in 9k yellow gold, introduces a touch of warmth and romance to the design. Its sleek lines and polished surface create a harmonious balance with the avant-garde brilliance of the spinel and moissanite accents, culminating in a piece that seamlessly marries classic allure with contemporary edge.


This ring is available in a size M, however, can be resized. Please allow 3 weeks for resizing. 


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