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Narrow Signet Ring - Personalised Fingerprint

Narrow Signet Ring - Personalised Fingerprint

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Did you know that fingerprints are not only unique to each individual but also permanent? The ridges and patterns on our fingertips are formed during fetal development and remain unchanged throughout our lives, making them the epitome of personal identity.

Wear a segment of your loved one's fingerprint on our narrow signet and keep them close by everyday. 

The design to only having the narrow segment of fingerprint allows it to be a unique texture on the ring, hinting at a fingerprint and not overly obvious of what it is. It keeps those who don't know guessing and is a hidden secret meaning on your ring, only you have the pleasure of knowing.

The face of this signet is approximately 4.5mm x 14.3mm, with the shank approximately 2.5mm. Available in sterling silver, 22k gold vermeil or solid 9k gold.

Once your order has been placed, please email with your order number and an image of your fingerprint to be engraved.

Caelia Jewellery pieces are made to order, so please allow approximately 3 weeks for the craftsmanship required. 

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