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MORTALITY Dainty Skull Ring - 22k Gold Vermeil

MORTALITY Dainty Skull Ring - 22k Gold Vermeil

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Explore the realm of the curious with MORTALITY, a dainty skull ring that evades ordinary expectations, being both a little bit rebellious and a little bit delicate.

Nestled within one eye socket of the skull resides a luminous sapphire. This singular, mesmerising eye is a nod to the mythological "All-Seeing Eye," a symbol of wisdom, insight, and divine knowledge, reminiscent of ancient deities and mythical beings whose gaze held the secrets of the universe.

The ring is made in sterling silver and finished in a rich 22k gold vermeil. To make the ring uniquely yours, the ring will be made with your choice of sapphire - please select from the available sapphires. Alternative stone options are also available - please reach out for more info. 

All rings will be made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the craftsmanship required. 

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