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MOON & STAR RELIC Pendant Necklace - OOAK

MOON & STAR RELIC Pendant Necklace - OOAK

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The Moon and Star Relic pendant necklace is a creation blending organic beauty with celestial elegance. On the front is an 8mm button Freshwater Pearl, delicately embodying the moon's ethereal glow. The reverse side features a 3mm Lab Sapphire set within a northern star, adding a touch of celestial radiance.

Crafted in sterling silver using the age old sand casting technique, the organic formed pendant and necklace is 22k gold vermeil for a rich, luxurious finish.

The pendant has an approximate diameter of 12mm and is suspended gracefully from a 42cm rope chain. 

This piece is a one of a kind, ready made and available to ship.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out.  

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