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CETO Scattered Band - Sapphire and Salt & Pepper Diamonds

CETO Scattered Band - Sapphire and Salt & Pepper Diamonds

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CETO was the primordial Greek goddess of dangers of the sea, and more specifically, sea monsters, which makes her a suitable namesake for this unorderly scattered band of Sapphires and Salt and Pepper Diamonds. The sparkling band is mesmerising with its asymmetrical layout of contrasting teal, blue and green sapphires, black and white salt and pepper diamonds and a bright fiery moissanite.

  • 1.8mm wide band
  • 4mm Moissanite
  • 3.5mm Teal Sapphire
  • 3mm Salt and Pepper Diamond
  • 2.5mm Green Sapphire
  • 2mm Salt and Pepper Diamond
  • Two 1.5mm Blue Madagascan Sapphires

The ring will be made upon order, so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the craftsmanship required.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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